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ICI Mfg. has recently brought online a new Zinc Nickel production plating line. Chris Needham, VP/Plant Manager, said "This new zinc nickel processing line gives us another service that adds to our already very unique array of services offered in one manufacturing facility." He went on to say, "There are only a handful of companies in the U.S who offer this plating service currently, and I don't know of any who have all the other services we offer."

Zinc Nickel electroplating is an new alternative to traditional Zinc electroplating, offering even superior hardness and corrosion protection, for the most demanding applications. Call us today for a quote.

Earlier this year, ICI opened a new 5000 square foot batch powder coating facility, featuring one of the largest commercial baking ovens in the plains states. "The facility was designed to accommodate quick turnaround of batches of small parts, but it can also accommodate large assemblies up to 20 feet in length," stated Chris Needham, VP/Plant Manager. "This allows us to take some of the largest assemblies we manufacture for our customers, including full frame assemblies, and powder coat them in-house, saving on transportation costs and, more importantly, lead time."

Recently, ICI completed installation and startup of a 5000 watt Trumpf L3050 laser cutting machine, a Trumpf V130 CNC press break and an Americor sheet/plate bending machine. "The 5000 watt laser and the larger press break allows us to cut and bend thicker material, which in turn allows us to offer more options to our customers," said Chris Needham, VP/Plant Manager. "Now we can produce parts, such as shims, using material as thin thin as .003", all the way up to large machined mounting plates and assemblies, requiring 1.25" plate."

The Trumpf L3050 has a maximum cutting area of 120 x 60 inches, can cut carbon plate up to 1.25", stainless plate up to .75", and aluminum plate up to .625", with head travel speeds of up to 4800 inches per minute. The Trumpf V130 has a max width of 120 inches, a max depth of 60 inches, and can bend material of varying thicknesses up to 1.25" thick.

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