ICI Mfg produces thousands of individual part numbers for many of the largest Agriculture OEMs, shipping parts all over the world. The parts range from very small spacers, screws and other machined parts, to very large assemblies made up of multiple fabricated sub-assemblies.

Today's Ag OEMs are competing globally and are therefore under pressure to deliver more features than ever, without sacrificing quality, and while holding the line on costs. At ICI Mfg we understand these dynamics, and the critical role that component suppliers occupy in relation to equipment assembly plants meeting their delivery and cost objectives. Component parts must be delivered on time, just-in-time, and must always meet the manufacturer's quality standards.

Furthermore, Ag OEMs have to constantly evaluate a multitude of variables that drive demand, from the US or global economy, to commodity prices, even the weather. ICI Mfg produces small batches of parts that can be warehoused short-term, in order to provide JIT delivery, but also to allow quick adjustments to changing demands.