In August, 2012, ICI received the AGCO Quality Award from AGCO Corporation, during their North American Supplier event held in Jackson, MN. Suppliers from many North American countries attended this exclusive event, which included a tour of the new AGCO plant, new factory, product demonstrations, and an award presentation for outstanding suppliers that excelled in 3 key areas: Collaboration, Innovation, and Quality.

   To reinforce quality performance, AGCO, like many of our other customers, measures their suppliers by Parts Per Million (PPM) ratings. PPM ratings are calculated by dividing the quantity of defective parts by the quantity of parts received, multipled by one million. The smaller the PPM rating, the higher the supplier quality performance.

   AGCO challenges all suppliers to adapt their continuous improvement processes in order to acheive a PPM rating of less than 1000. ICI, the only manufacturing supplier of the three recipients, received the AGCO Quality Award for having a PPM rating of 150! AGCO also commended ICI for having 98.7% on-time delivery.