ICI Mfg. has over 7,000 active part numbers that we regularly produce and ship for our OEM customers. These range from small spacers and hardened bushings, up to very large weldment assemblies comprised of dozens of subassemblies. ICI Mfg. is an ISO-9001-2008 certified organization, made up of uncompromising men and women dedicated to producing world-class quality parts and services. ICI Mfg. has received many awards for high on-time delivery and very low rejection rates, critical measures which the organization is constantly striving to improve year-after-year.

ICI Mfg. utilizes modern tools and CNC equipment, in a Quality-managed, Lean-oriented facility that features a modern and well-maintained Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a modern shop-floor Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The latter features up-to-the-minute shop-floor labor entry, operation status, product counts and movement, electronic drawings and specifications, electronic production plans, and a facility-wide Real-Time Scheduling (RTS) system that allows for unprecedented synchronization of manpower and machinery, in real-time, to rapidly changing customer demands, always making sure we move the right parts to the right place at just the right time, and thereby maximizing the efficiency of the entire system.

ICI Mfg. is ISO 9001 certified for design capabilities, as well as manufacturing, and has a small team of design/CAD personnel to provide assistance or help design your part or product.