Zinc Nickel

ICI Mfg. has recently brought online a new Zinc Nickel plating production line. Zinc Nickel plating is for maximum corrosion protection, superior to zinc clear or zinc yellow chromate (dichromate). Perfect for small fasteners, larger machined parts, or machined castings or assemblies. ICI Mfg. is capable of zinc nickel plating parts up to 16 x 40 x 30 inches in size.


Functional (Hard) Chrome

ICI Mfg. has two functional (hard) chrome plating production lines, for piston rods and shafts of all lengths, as well as smaller parts. These lines are capable of producing thousands of parts per week, running up to 24 X 7. ICI Mfg. also has multiple oversized specialty tanks for large items, with capabilities to plate large items up to 60" x 60 " x 60", and long items up to 12 FT in length. Functional chrome is used for corrosion protection, wear resistance and overall hardness or toughness. It is ideal for piston rods and shafts, auger edges, mill screens.


Decorative Chrome

ICI Mfg. has the capability to produce parts with chrome for appearance or aesthetic value, for general corrosion protection and for other general purpose functional characteristics. Decorative chrome is ideal for general automotive/motorcycle applications, food prep and food processing equipment applications, and many other applications where the chrome is used for several purposes including aesthetic.



ICI Mfg. offers nickel plating, which is harder than zinc and is especially good on antique vehicles (to match the nickel plated items original to the car).



ICI Mfg. has a zinc plating line capable of producing either a bright clear (blue) or bright yellow zinc finish.



ICI Mfg. has the capability to clear anodize, or can also quote colored anodizing where needed.